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It's normally a good idea for the customer to have a few prefered fire positions in mind. We will come round and determine which position works and measure up the required flue and discuss hearth requirements.
We will then order the flue and arrange a suitable time for installation.

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We are able to repair most problems and get hold of parts. These range from door and glass seal, fire bricks and fans all the way through to repairing substandard installation and replacing old flue or improving draw. Repairs cost $65ph plus materials

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Chimney Sweep

Smoke seeping into the room? Fire struggling? We can get to the bottom of the problem.

Prices for a sweep gets affected by a few factors. 1: make and model of fire place. 2: roof pitch 3: roof height. 4: cleaning intervals

In all sweeps we thoroughly clean the flue, glass window and fireplace. We also check the entire installation and will need access into your roofspace for this. It generally take on average 1.5hrs

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